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What minerals can help with hair regrowth?

Hair Regrowth Vitamins – Calcium and Magnesium

If you're losing your hair and want it to grow back in healthy and luxurious, there are a couple of minerals that can help hair regrowth in some cases. Look for hair regrowth vitamins that contain calcium and magnesium, as both these minerals affect hair health and regrowth, and they are often combined with B-complex vitamins in hair regrowth vitamins supplements.

Calcium helps hair grow stronger and grow through the scalp more efficiently. You can find calcium in most dairy products, along with tofu, fish, nuts, beans, and even yeast. When you combine calcium with magnesium, the two combine to provide even more healthy hair growth. Magnesium can be found in nuts, fish, beans, grains, and green vegetables, but you can also look for hair regrowth vitamins that combine these two minerals along with vitamins to provide maximum hair health and hair regrowth.

What are good hair and nails vitamins?

Biotin, One of the Important Hair and Nails Vitamins

Biotin is one of the B-complex vitamins, and in the body, it is essential for processing fats, carbohydrates and proteins, and it is also necessary for processing the other B-vitamins. However, biotin is also has another very important quality, it helps cells grow and makes skin and nails more healthy and strong. It also can help prevent hair loss in some people, so it's an all around hair and nails vitamin.

People need about 300 mg of biotin a day, and it is usually manufactured in enough quantities in the body, so supplements aren't necessary. However, if your hair and nails aren't as healthy as you'd like, additional biotin may help them grow stronger. You can find biotin in meat, milk, saltwater fish, poultry, soybeans, corn, cauliflower, peanuts, walnuts, and whole grains. So, the best hair and nails vitamins come from the B-complex vitamins like biotin.

Why is iron good for hair?

Vitamins for Hair Loss

Many vitamins for hair loss should also contain essential minerals, because minerals aid in the growth, stimulation, and overall health of your hair. Two more minerals for hair loss that will help keep your hair healthy and help stimulate the scalp for more growth are copper and iron. Copper helps prevent hair loss, but it makes the color healthier and helps thicken hair as well. You can find copper naturally in eggs, grains, chicken, meat, and beans.

You should combine copper with iron for best results, and iron is also found in many of the same foods that contain copper, as well. Iron will prevent overall hair loss, and helps prevent anemia, too. Be sure to look for these minerals when you shop for vitamins for hair loss, or look for a specific iron and copper supplement.

What is a good mineral to look for in hair growth vitamins?

Hair Growth Vitamins and Minerals

The B-complex vitamins can help stimulate hair growth, but make sure your hair growth vitamins contain the mineral manganese, too. Manganese is one of the best minerals to stimulate and encourage hair growth, and any supplement you take for hair growth should include this minerals. It will help your hair grow faster and appear younger looking, as well.

You can find manganese naturally in fish and other meats, eggs, nuts, grains, brown rice, avocados, and beans. Manganese is essential to good health because it helps your body use several important nutrients like biotin, thiamin, and ascorbic acid, too. Less than 2 milligrams of magnesium per day is recommended as the best level of manganese to look for in hair growth vitamins and supplements.

What is MSM?

Nail Vitamins

Nail vitamins and supplements can lead to stronger, less brittle nails, and can help nails grow faster, as well. Biotin in a B-complex mineral that can help nails, but so is MSM, (short for methylsulphonylmethane or organic Sulphur) is another mineral that is very good for overall nail health. In fact, it is included as an ingredient in many nail vitamins.

MSM helps promote stronger, longer nails, and improves the appearance of the hair, as well. You can find MSM in many hair and nail vitamins, and be sure to combine it with biotin if you can, for even better results. Small amounts of MSM occur in many foods and beverages, so it is best to regulate the dose you take by choosing nail vitamins that contain MSM as well.

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