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What is Schizandra?


Schizandra, or Schisandra, is a Chinese herb that is translated from Wu Wei Zi, which means Fruit of Five Flavors. Used for centuries by Chinese emperors, the herb comes from a woody vine that features red berries and pink flowers. It is grown naturally in China, Russia and Korea.

Schizandra is an adaptogen that helps the body adapt to physical, physiological and environmental stress. At the cellular level, Schizandra boosts energy by increasing the level of nitric oxide in the body. However, this herb does not contain caffeine, so you do not experience jitters or the ups and downs of stimulants. In addition to fighting fatigue, Schizandra is used as an antioxidant as it contains Wuweizisu C and gomisin A.

Other uses for Schizandra include:

Treatment for anxiety, mood disorders and hormonal imbalances
Alleviating symptoms of PMS
Reducing risk of heart disease by improving blood circulation and reducing high blood pressure
Reduce the symptoms of cardiovascular issues including colds by acting as an expectorant of mucus
Treat Hepatitis C and other liver dysfunctions through the use of lignans and fat soluble compounds of the Shizandra seed

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