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How does green tea help in weight loss?

Dieter's Tea?

You've seen the Dieter's Tea and Super Dieter's Tea. Why not drink ordinary tea? The Chinese and British can't be wrong, and Starbucks sells the stuff. Actually, switching to tea cuts out soda in your diet -- that can only speed weight loss. If you drink green tea, you could see the fat drop naturally because of green tea's intense fat-burning properties. Don't like the taste? You can take powdered green tea or green tea extract capsules. It's more reliable than hoodia and CLA. Chromium? You have no idea. Green tea? Your mom drank it. Also, your mom told you to stop drinking soda. Now, finally, you've listened -- and everyone you know is either drinking or taking green tea for weight loss as well as those all-important antioxidants. You realize that any tea is dieter's tea -- just don't fill up on those little tea sandwiches.

How does chromium picolinate help weight loss?

Chromium and Weight Loss

We don't want to pick on chromium picolinate, even though the medical establishment doesn't quite believe its effectiveness on weight loss. What else is new? Studies are always picking on your nutritional choices. The smart woman picks and chooses what to believe. She believes in green tea. She wonders about hoodia and conjugated linoleic acid. She knows that a supplement without a diet and exercise regimen is foolish. But she also knows that chromium can help you tolerate glucose and make dieters more energized, not to mention satisfied in the stomach. Dieters feel full faster. Low-carb adherents don't get much chromium and probably need 200 micrograms of chromium a day to aid in weight loss. However, the smart woman realizes that weight loss starts a way of life, a healthy way. She doesn't look for quick solutions. We applaud that smart woman --- you.

Should I take apple cider vinegar supplements?

An Apple Cider Vinegar a Day

Apple cider. Mmmm-mmmm. Warm apple cider with apple pie. Which you're denying yourself on your diet. Don't skip it -- just don't eat the huge greasy-diner slice that you need a truck to move. But you still avoid apple cider. How about apple cider vinegar weight loss supplements? Like green tea, apple cider vinegar is a liquid you can take in capsule form to curb appetite and burn fat (which you replace with muscle, right?) But do you take the capsules or a tablespoonful of the vinegar? Melissa Etheridge recently advocated the teaspoonful approach on "Martha" (yes, that Martha). Apple cider vinegar may be too acidic and taste too bitter. Try apple cider vinegar caplets. Like conjugated linoleic acid, hoodia, chromium and green tea, the exact dosage you need varies according to your weight loss plan--consult your vitamin merchant and your doctor. We still think apple cider vinegar isn't a substitute for the real warm fuzzy mulled cider of fall. Maybe now that you've done something about effective weight loss, you'll feel confident enough to eat the apple pie.

What is hoodia and is it just another weight loss fad?

Hoodia: Weight Loss Fad?

You might have noticed it in your e-mail: "C_heap Hoodia--Lose Weight!" Hit the delete button. You know that the best way to lose weight is to exercise, eat right, and start drinking more green tea for health. While most weight loss spam makes you wish for the actual luncheon meat, hoodia, like conjugated linoleic acid and chromium, may actually be a weight loss supplement--at least according to one study and a BBC report. The Bushman tribe of Africa actually uses hoodia to treat small infections and indigestion, and recently hoodia has been marketed in the US as a weight loss supplement. A molecule from the hoodia cactus is said to make you feel full. Unfortunately, the hoodia supplements hawked via spam don't contain much hoodia. Try a hoodia weight loss supplement with cocoa and green tea from a reputable vitamin manufacturer. And keep deleting hoodia spam.

Are weight loss supplements safe and effective?

Unsafe At Any Size?

The pharmaceutical establishment and the vitamin groups are at odds. What a surprise. While the pharmaceutical establishment slaps warning labels on weight loss supplements and publishes all kinds of double-blind studies, the vitamin and natural-cures crowd wars against Big Pharma. Meanwhile, you don't have time for this. What do you believe? Do you just go with one or the other? Remember, this is your health we're talking about. Take the time to investigate hoodia, green tea, conjugated linoleic acid, chromium, as well as ephedra. Ephedra with green tea extract may actually be safe -- if you don't exceed the recommended dosage and consult a pharmacist, doctor or natural healer. Some ways to investigate natural weight loss supplements:

  • Read the label -- you can do this online. If it's a list of long chemical terms you can't pronounce, be wary -- and yes, look them up!
  • Even if there are all-natural ingredients such as vitamin C and grapeseed, check to see how they interact.
  • Make sure you take the required nutrients while on a weight loss program -- don't "crash" diet with a formula and just expect it to work instantly!
  • Run from any weight loss supplement that promises you'll shed pounds without exercise.
  • Don't disbelieve claims that you can still enjoy your favorite foods -- moderation is the key.

While Big Pharma and the natural health establishment duke it out, you can be on your way to looking great and feeling energized.

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