Biotin, One of the Important Hair and Nails Vitamins

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What are good hair and nails vitamins?

Biotin, One of the Important Hair and Nails Vitamins

Biotin is one of the B-complex vitamins, and in the body, it is essential for processing fats, carbohydrates and proteins, and it is also necessary for processing the other B-vitamins. However, biotin is also has another very important quality, it helps cells grow and makes skin and nails more healthy and strong. It also can help prevent hair loss in some people, so it's an all around hair and nails vitamin.

People need about 300 mg of biotin a day, and it is usually manufactured in enough quantities in the body, so supplements aren't necessary. However, if your hair and nails aren't as healthy as you'd like, additional biotin may help them grow stronger. You can find biotin in meat, milk, saltwater fish, poultry, soybeans, corn, cauliflower, peanuts, walnuts, and whole grains. So, the best hair and nails vitamins come from the B-complex vitamins like biotin.



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