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How do I help alpha lipoic acid create beautiful skin?

Alpha Lipoic Acid and Beautiful Skin

Your mom said that you should watch your sugar intake -- but Mom eats six doughnuts a day. Better tell her to practice what she preaches, even though she's earned the right to eat what she pleases. Mom's skin will look and feel better, more elastic and more supple, if she cuts down on the donuts and takes an alpha lipoic acid beauty supplement as well as other antioxidant beauty supplements, plus silica because she doesn't eat salt. Too much water retention, she says. Speaking of water retention, Dr. Nicholas Perricone tells an anecdote of a patient whose high-glycemic foods created water retention and baggy eyes. Mom's looking a bit more like her beagle with sad droopy eyes, so alpha lipoic acid creams and beauty supplements can help her tone and tighten her skin. Mom will say, "I told you so." Now you can smile and say, "I told you so, too."

Will zinc clear up my acne?

Acne? Get Zinc

Your teenager doesn't want to hear about alpha lipoic acid or Nicholas Perricone. Nick Lachey, maybe! Your teenager ignores your lectures about silica and stares at her zit. Traditional cleansers usually contain chemicals that are harsh on her skin -- try .01 percent alpha-hydroxy formula instead. Better yet, get your teen to take zinc. Boys and girls are turning to zinc to fight acne. (You hope that your teen is also washing her face and cutting back on the sugar.) Zinc also helps your teen's immune system, but don't even hint that she's going to age! Tell her all her friends take zinc beauty supplements. She'll listen. But here's a secret: Even if she doesn't appear to listen to you, even if she slams the door, she still listens. You'll see her at breakfast eating plain yogurt and taking zinc tablets. Who says teenagers are difficult all the time?

Can aloe creams and aloe supplements help me look better?

Aloe Vera and Beauty

If you've ever had a sunburn, you squeezed aloe vera on it to soothe the inflamed skin. Or you rubbed aloe vera cream on it. There are many terrific topical aloe vera creams that moisturize your skin, giving you that healthy radiance. But since nutrients aren't always absorbed completely through the skin (and in vitamin C's case, may even leak out of the skin), we recommend a beauty supplement with aloe vera plus A and E that can help both skin and hair. Aloe supplements may include PABA, so if you are allergic to PABA, take an aloe vera-free beauty supplement. As for that sun-damaged skin, take alpha lipoic acid to cleanse your cells of free radical damage. While sun is good for you, limit your exposure, especially in the heat of the day. You always thought that raw aloe vera looked nauseating on your skin anyway.

How do I use silica besides getting implants?

Silica: Not Just For Breast Enhancements

You hear silicone and think of your neighbor, whose breasts defy the laws of physics. You want to stop 'em cold without surgery. We suggest silica, not silicone. While you take an alpha lipoic beauty supplement as directed by Dr. Nicholas Perricone and other beauty docs, you want rejuvenation for your brittle hair and nails. Your hair is your best feature! Silica beauty supplements restore the hard protein in your hair and nails. If you cook all day (as a professional chef too), work on the computer or work with your hands, you especially need nail help. Silica restores your nails so you can get a manicure and pedicure. Your hairdresser will be delighted by your healthy flowing locks (you use a protein conditioner too) that come from, you guessed it, silica. To supplement silica, take biotin and zinc for vibrant hair, taut glowing skin, and sexy nails. Even though your neighbor may look like a starlet in the chest, your new ravishing appearance is the best. So forget silicone for now--take silica!

Will Vitamin E help me look better?

BeautE Supplements

You have the alpha lipoic acid. Bee pollen. Choline. Vitamin D. DHA. Right down to silica, turmeric, and everything to zinc. The whole alphabet. That's your beauty formula! But what about the E? The big E at 400 IU does a lot of work -- and you're not supposed to take too much vitamin E, right? Vitamin E oils and creams can loosen the skin, especially when combined with natural vegetable oils. Do some alphabet combining with an A, D, and E formula. Your granddaughter (first) is learning her ABCs. Why not teach her the vitamins to? Don't forget to show her the vitamin E.

Can alpha lipoic acid help acne?

Alpha Lipoic Acid and Acne

Acne scars? Premenstrual acne? Acne period? Were you called names in high school? Now your niece and daughter cover up their faces. Fear not. All of you have help for the emotional wounds. To prevent or eliminate acne, you can take an alpha lipoic acid beauty supplement. Dr. Nicholas Perricone says that beauty aids such as alpha lipoic acid, DMAE, and vitamin C in topicals and beauty supplements will shrink the pores that can get clogged on the road to acne. All three of you need to drink lots of water with your beauty supplements. And forgive the teasing. People may be mean and you may have acne, but when you and your favorite young women have eliminated the acne, people will still be mean, which is never beautiful. But you and your girls will be lovely.

How does alpha lipoic acid help me look my best?

Alpha Lipoic Acid and Beauty

Okay. We said there was no fountain of youth -- other than a river of love and compassion. However, we agree with Nicholas Perricone that alpha lipoic acid is a powerful antioxidant beauty supplement. Silica helps your skin, nails and hair, but alpha lipoic acid makes you glow like Marilyn Monroe. Alpha lipoic acid is the Jose Eber of beauty supplements. This beautician to the stars helps build collagen -- before you need injections. It also:

  • Protects skin from sun damage
  • Energizes the cells (energy is beautiful)
  • Inhibits excess sugar that can stiffen collagen
  • Plays well with other antioxidants to give you a total makeover (no diva attitudes here)
  • Improves insulin production--diabetes is a beauty grenade

How do you take ALPHA LIPOIC ACID for wrinkle prevention? Dr. Perricone advises 100 mg at breakfast and 100 mg at lunch. You can have breakfast and lunch with your beautician -- when's the last time a Beverly Hills spa and salon gave you that perk? We'll still take love and compassion as beauty aids, but healthy skin and internal health make you beautiful inside and out -- especially if you recommend your beautician to all the women in your life.

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