Hair Regrowth Vitamins – Calcium and Magnesium

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What minerals can help with hair regrowth?

Hair Regrowth Vitamins – Calcium and Magnesium

If you're losing your hair and want it to grow back in healthy and luxurious, there are a couple of minerals that can help hair regrowth in some cases. Look for hair regrowth vitamins that contain calcium and magnesium, as both these minerals affect hair health and regrowth, and they are often combined with B-complex vitamins in hair regrowth vitamins supplements.

Calcium helps hair grow stronger and grow through the scalp more efficiently. You can find calcium in most dairy products, along with tofu, fish, nuts, beans, and even yeast. When you combine calcium with magnesium, the two combine to provide even more healthy hair growth. Magnesium can be found in nuts, fish, beans, grains, and green vegetables, but you can also look for hair regrowth vitamins that combine these two minerals along with vitamins to provide maximum hair health and hair regrowth.



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