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Should I supplement if low carbing, even if I hadn't used supplements before?

What supplements should I take while on a low carb diet?

Different types of diets have different sets of nutrient that are not being supplied with foods. Low carb diets are not nutritionally balanced, plus they have an additional problem caused by the state of ketosis. The matter is, to work properly, ketosis may require specific nutrients. Here's what a low carb dieter should consider: 1) Ketosis can generate free radicals; take antioxidant supplements; 2) Ketogenic diet can cause vitamin D deficiency; 3) Ketosis can promote a B-vitamin (especially for thiamine) deficiency; 4) Carnitin deficiency was shown to prevent the body from using ketone bodies for energy; 5) Chromium was shown to be a part of the so-called glucose tolerance factor thus cooperating with ketosis to improve insulin sensitivity

Is it really necessary to vegetables or can I get the same benefits by taking a supplement?

Vegetables versus vitamins

If you are not a veggie person, you still can get most of the benefits by eating 5 to 7 servings of fresh fruits. The only two problems are: 1)you can not be on a low carb diet this way because vitamin for vitamin, fruits contain more calories, and 2) you will have the vitamins and minerals packed together with more calories than if you were eating vegetables. To compensate for the extra calories, you should cut down on "bad" (saturated) fats and exercise more. On a low carb diet, choose berries or artificially sweetened avocados. When all is done, a good one-a-day multivitamin pill wouldn't hurt!

Is it true that if a vitamin does not dissolve in water within 15 minutes the body cannot derive any benefits?

Vitamin tablets

True and not true. For example, there are vitamins that are dissolve only in fat, not water - for them, this test is irrelevant, right? Also, in reality vitamin tablets deal not with water but with gastric acid and enzymes. How they help the vitamin being utilized by the body is hard to tell. Finally, there are liquid forms of vitamins or buffered water-soluble tablets that you drink like soda.

Does pantothenic acid prevents muscle soreness such as when you play one game of volleyball at the beginning of summer and can't walk for two days?

Is it true that Pantothenic acid prevents muscle soreness?

Pantothenic acid or vitamin B5 is a water-soluble vitamin is needed to make the body's chemical called acetylcholine, which is essential for conducting nerve signals from spinal cord to the muscles. Low levels of vitamin B5 indeed cause muscle sourness but the deficiency is very rare since this vitamin is found in just about every food. The recommended daily doze is 10 mg. High doses of vitamin B5 are not completely safe: there are clinical evidence that 300 mg daily for several weeks cause serious illness in the elderly.

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