Nail Vitamins

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What is MSM?

Nail Vitamins

Nail vitamins and supplements can lead to stronger, less brittle nails, and can help nails grow faster, as well. Biotin in a B-complex mineral that can help nails, but so is MSM, (short for methylsulphonylmethane or organic Sulphur) is another mineral that is very good for overall nail health. In fact, it is included as an ingredient in many nail vitamins.

MSM helps promote stronger, longer nails, and improves the appearance of the hair, as well. You can find MSM in many hair and nail vitamins, and be sure to combine it with biotin if you can, for even better results. Small amounts of MSM occur in many foods and beverages, so it is best to regulate the dose you take by choosing nail vitamins that contain MSM as well.



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