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What is testosterone support?

Testosterone Support

Testosterone production slows as men age, and it is essential for maintaining muscle mass, a youthful appearance, and strength. However, testosterone production can drop by as much as one percent a year in men over 40. That means as you age, you need to create more testosterone, and you can do that with testosterone support.

Diet and exercise can help build testosterone levels in the body, but testosterone support, such as supplements like DHEA and fish oils can help create more testosterone in the body, and support testosterone build-up. Supplements can also help reduce stress and help you get more sleep, which also provide testosterone support. If you feel tired and weak, are losing muscle, and are over 40 (or under 40 and stressed), try testosterone support supplements for better health and well being.

What are the best vitamins for teens?

The Best Vitamins for Men and Teens

The best vitamins for men are not necessarily the right vitamins for teen boys. Teens have different needs, because they are still maturing. The best vitamins for men contain ingredients for mature men, but vitamins for teens should include more vitamin A, because it promotes free radicals which helps support clearer skin, and zinc, which helps them reach sexual maturity.

Teen vitamins should also contain sarsaparilla, which is another herb that helps create healthier skin, as well. Teen's hormone needs are different and are changing, so teen vitamins should also contain calcium, which helps promote stronger bones and bone growth, and saw palmetto berry, which helps with hormones and glandular activity. So, the best vitamins for men aren't necessarily right for teens, choose vitamins geared to teen growth and development for the best results.

What supplements will boost testosterone?

Boost Your Testosterone

Testosterone is the quintessential male hormone—it's part of what makes men “manly.” Because testosterone is a hormone, it can be influenced by many factors including lifestyle, stress, and diet. If you're stressed out and not eating well, your testosterone levels may drop. So if you are a muscle-builder, are under a lot of stress or are a vegetarian or vegan, you may not be producing enough testosterone. And low testosterone can contribute to reduced muscle mass, low sex drive, and lack of mental energy. Inadequate testosterone may also increase men's risk of obesity, osteoporosis, and heart attack as they age.

Testosterone support is best when it comes from a combination of exercise, adequate sleep, stress control, and a healthy, high-protein diet, plus testosterone supplements.

Many types of supplements can play a role in testosterone support, and some supplements, such as tribulus terrestris (an herb used in Ayurvedic medicine), tongkat ali (also known as longjack), epimedium (also known as horny goat weed) and ZMA (a combination of zinc, magnesium and vitamin B6) are specifically associated with testosterone.

But other vitamin supplements contribute to testosterone support, especially zinc and essential fatty acids. Here's why: Zinc's cell repair properties might protect specifically against the cell damage that causes prostate cancer, and zinc has been linked to improved sexual function and increased sperm counts. In addition, essential fatty acid supplements containing fish oil and flaxseed oil are helpful because the body needs a certain amount of healthy fats to produce testosterone.

Do I really need vitamins for men over 50?

Vitamins for Men Over 50

Men over 50 have some unique health needs, and so they should use especially formulated vitamins for men over 50. These vitamins include more items like zinc, niacin, and pantothenic acid, which can decrease as men grow older. They should also include items like saw palmetto berry and panax ginseng root, which can help in prostate health, and greater virility.

As we age, our bodies change, and to keep up with those changes, we need to change our dietary habits, as well. Vitamins for men over 50 can help you feel healthier and stronger even if you're not eating or exercising as much, and they can help keep your heart healthier and healthy cholesterol levels in balance. If you have a question about any supplement you're choosing, talk to your pharmacist, and mention any other drugs you may be taking, as well.

What should I look for in daily vitamins for men?

Daily Vitamins for Men

Daily vitamins for men should include a variety of B-complex vitamins, especially vitamins B6 and B12. They should also include vitamin H, which is known to help reduce hair loss, and folic acid to help regenerate new cells throughout the body. They should also contain beta-carotene, vitamins C and E, and lycopene, which helps maintain prostate health.

Daily vitamins for men are essential for men of all ages, because at every stage of life, men's health differs, and for optimum health, the right balance of vitamins and minerals is a necessity. It is difficult to eat between 5 and 9 servings of fruit and vegetables every day, and that's what a man needs for the best health, but it is much easier to take daily vitamins for men, so supplements are a good idea for every man.

What should I look for when I buy vitamins for men?

Vitamins for Men

Vitamins for men are a necessity, even if you eat a healthy balanced diet, because it is nearly impossible to get all the nutrients you need out of the food you eat every day. If you eat a less healthy diet, vitamins for men are even more crucial. For the best health benefits, vitamins for men should include an amino acid complex, essential fatty acids, vitamins B6 and A, niacin, and zinc. Zinc is helpful for prostate health, and niacin can help keep blood cholesterol levels healthy.

Look for all-natural vitamins for men that contain a variety of ingredients that will help provide the nutrients your body needs for strength, endurance, and overall good health. Avoid synthetic vitamins or over-the-counter supplements that make outrageous claims about their abilities to cure a wide variety of sexual or prostate problems.

Is there a magic sex pill?

Magic Sex Pill?

We know you're paying attention to this tip. Viagra and Cialis aside, there is no magic sex pill. But you can make your love life healthier throughMen's Vitamins (supplements). Here's a partial product list:

  • DHEA and ginseng for energy -- ginseng isn't a cure-all for romantic woes, but it does help.
  • A prostate health formula with lycopene, aciophilus, saw palmetto, pumpkin seed, and pygeum--prostate health, enough said.
  • Colon health with prunes and prune supplements -- you can't have libido if you have polyps. They spoil the mood.
  • Amino acids such as arginine for strength and vitality -- but balance them with supplements that can regulate your weight.
  • Antioxidants for great skin -- you don't have to be a metrosexual, but you just feel better when your skin looks good. Trust us.
  • Zinc and yohimbe -- just be careful about yohimbe since it hasn't been fully proven yet. Zinc is a tried and true immune system saver, and love life saver, especially when combined with selenium.

You're disappointed, but you realize that paying attention to your health, and women's advice, will make you more confident, sexier, and more enthusiastic...for romance. Right. For romance.

What are some men's vitamin product warnings?

Men's Vitamin Product Warnings

"Don't tell Mary she looks like she's gained weight." "Don't forget your sweater." Guys, don't you hate warnings? And yet many warning labels were invented by men. Hmmm. Men's products need warnings too. You might ignore them (while yelling, "Don't pay that much for car insurance"), but at least we can post them for you to read. Here they are:

  • If you have diabetes, arginine can raise blood sugar levels.
  • Ginseng can be dangerous if you have high blood pressure.
  • Don't take echinacea if you have diabetes mellitus.
  • Ginseng can interact with heart medications.
  • Avoid lycopene if you have a tomato allergy.

We know...we didn't even touch on prunes or acidophilus. We could give lots of warnings on colon health, mental health, DHEA...wait, you're stealing our warnings? At least give us credit! And really, don't tell Mary she looks like she's gained weight.

How does DHEA help men be more vital?

DHEA and Men's Health

Grumpy old men, for most women, isn't just a movie title. Do you want to be the grump complaining about prunes, colon health, and the men's products your doctors insist you take? Actually, if you take prunes or prune supplements, you can be regular and healthier--we know you want that. If you take arginine, acidophilus and lycopene, you can be healthier overall. And if you take DHEA and ginseng, especially Siberian ginseng, you'll feel better, age better, and be sharper. You lose natural DHEA as you age--supplements will restore your vitality and virility as well as your overall happiness. So you'll smile--not like your Uncle Max who looks like a sour prune. After all, your image of yourself in high school was "Hot Babe," not grumpy old man.

Should I take a prostate supplement with fatty acids?

Prostates and Fatty Acids

You thought that you'd have prostate problems because of fat, so you lost weight thanks to DHEA, and you got the right balance of amino acids such as arginine. Now you find out that you need essential fatty acids. A man just can't win! Actually, that sounded like a whine, and understandably. You've done a great job with weight loss. You take all the men's products you're supposed to take for colon health, acidophilus for prostate health, plus ginseng for vitality and mental clarity, and lycopene in all your men's formulas. Terrific job. However, if you're taking a prostate health vitamin formula such as saw palmetto, make sure the formula includes fatty acids such as DHA and EPA (an omega 3 supplement wouldn't hurt either). The fatty acids guarantee that the saw palmetto will be viable. So will you, and you'll have better urinary tract health. So give yourself a pat on the back, and then accept men's products as well as kudos from the women in your life. You look great.

Do I need a supplement to help me with my golf swing?

Golf Swing Supplements

Have you ever wished for a formula that can turn you into the next Tiger Woods? Sorry, but not every guy, even trained from childhood, can be a pro. Sometimes it's enough just to beat your buddies on the golf course. But how do you put more zing in your swing? Essential amino acids such as arginine and energy restorers such as DHEA can give you the drive for your drive. Be sure not to slather on too much sunscreen while you're on the course and going full tilt, because vitamin D can help keep your bones strong. You don't want a fracture on the course! You don't want the back nine interrupted by a colonoscopy (even though you can find a doctor by shouting on the course), so take colon health supplements. You don't want to be interrupted by incontinence either, so take a supplement with prunes. Lastly, you want to be able to see the ball, so take lycopene for overall health and eye health--toss some lutein in your golf bag too. You may not be Greg Norman or Tiger, but you can win the golf game and a round of drinks at the club.

Can I take acidophilus for prostate cancer?

Acidophilus and Prostate Cancer

No guy likes to talk about prostate cancer. Unfortunately, we can't do a mime act here. So we'll talk, you listen. We know it may be futile, but we care about your health. We'll keep it simple:

  1. Get your PSA tested after age 35.
  2. Take lycopene supplements and eat more tomato sauce.
  3. Take soy men's products--no, you don't have to be a vegetarian, even though some of our favorite hunks are.
  4. Take acidophilus--it sounds sufficiently gross, even though we eat it in yogurt. You'll never understand us, right? Acidophilus can promote colon health by killing all the bad guys (polyps) in your colon, and keep prostate cancer at bay.

Yes, we know you still don't want to listen--but we care about you, so at least pretend you're listening. You know how to do that, right? If not, we'll come over to your house and do a mime act.

Why do men need amino acid supplements?

Men and Amino Acids

It's a sad fact for you toned, buffed ladies: Guys are stronger, physically. Not only that, they prize muscles. Maybe that's why the Governator is having problems in California--people are used to seeing him as Mr. Muscles and not Mr. Brains. The Governator knows to take care of himself, especially with special election stress. He probably takes an Amino Acid as well as several other men's formulas for wellness. You need arginine, tyrosine, lysine, and 17 other essential amino acids to keep the protein going--protein, you remember, builds muscles. The Governator is the poster boy for physical health--he probably takes lycopene, prunes for colon health, ginseng for dealing with budget meetings...and DHEA will definitely help his mood after battling with special-interest groups. However, essential amino acids are necessary for the asset that made him a star in the first place. Sorry, guys: You're always complaining that we like you just for your looks (now you know how it feels.) But we know you're smart. Really. Prove it by taking care of yourself.

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