Silica: Not Just For Breast Enhancements

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How do I use silica besides getting implants?

Silica: Not Just For Breast Enhancements

You hear silicone and think of your neighbor, whose breasts defy the laws of physics. You want to stop 'em cold without surgery. We suggest silica, not silicone. While you take an alpha lipoic beauty supplement as directed by Dr. Nicholas Perricone and other beauty docs, you want rejuvenation for your brittle hair and nails. Your hair is your best feature! Silica beauty supplements restore the hard protein in your hair and nails. If you cook all day (as a professional chef too), work on the computer or work with your hands, you especially need nail help. Silica restores your nails so you can get a manicure and pedicure. Your hairdresser will be delighted by your healthy flowing locks (you use a protein conditioner too) that come from, you guessed it, silica. To supplement silica, take biotin and zinc for vibrant hair, taut glowing skin, and sexy nails. Even though your neighbor may look like a starlet in the chest, your new ravishing appearance is the best. So forget silicone for now--take silica!



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