Alpha Lipoic Acid and Beautiful Skin

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How do I help alpha lipoic acid create beautiful skin?

Alpha Lipoic Acid and Beautiful Skin

Your mom said that you should watch your sugar intake -- but Mom eats six doughnuts a day. Better tell her to practice what she preaches, even though she's earned the right to eat what she pleases. Mom's skin will look and feel better, more elastic and more supple, if she cuts down on the donuts and takes an alpha lipoic acid beauty supplement as well as other antioxidant beauty supplements, plus silica because she doesn't eat salt. Too much water retention, she says. Speaking of water retention, Dr. Nicholas Perricone tells an anecdote of a patient whose high-glycemic foods created water retention and baggy eyes. Mom's looking a bit more like her beagle with sad droopy eyes, so alpha lipoic acid creams and beauty supplements can help her tone and tighten her skin. Mom will say, "I told you so." Now you can smile and say, "I told you so, too."



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