Alpha Lipoic Acid and Acne

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Can alpha lipoic acid help acne?

Alpha Lipoic Acid and Acne

Acne scars? Premenstrual acne? Acne period? Were you called names in high school? Now your niece and daughter cover up their faces. Fear not. All of you have help for the emotional wounds. To prevent or eliminate acne, you can take an alpha lipoic acid beauty supplement. Dr. Nicholas Perricone says that beauty aids such as alpha lipoic acid, DMAE, and vitamin C in topicals and beauty supplements will shrink the pores that can get clogged on the road to acne. All three of you need to drink lots of water with your beauty supplements. And forgive the teasing. People may be mean and you may have acne, but when you and your favorite young women have eliminated the acne, people will still be mean, which is never beautiful. But you and your girls will be lovely.



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