An Apple Cider Vinegar a Day

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Should I take apple cider vinegar supplements?

An Apple Cider Vinegar a Day

Apple cider. Mmmm-mmmm. Warm apple cider with apple pie. Which you're denying yourself on your diet. Don't skip it -- just don't eat the huge greasy-diner slice that you need a truck to move. But you still avoid apple cider. How about apple cider vinegar weight loss supplements? Like green tea, apple cider vinegar is a liquid you can take in capsule form to curb appetite and burn fat (which you replace with muscle, right?) But do you take the capsules or a tablespoonful of the vinegar? Melissa Etheridge recently advocated the teaspoonful approach on "Martha" (yes, that Martha). Apple cider vinegar may be too acidic and taste too bitter. Try apple cider vinegar caplets. Like conjugated linoleic acid, hoodia, chromium and green tea, the exact dosage you need varies according to your weight loss plan--consult your vitamin merchant and your doctor. We still think apple cider vinegar isn't a substitute for the real warm fuzzy mulled cider of fall. Maybe now that you've done something about effective weight loss, you'll feel confident enough to eat the apple pie.



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