Your Chihuahua Needs Just as Many Vitamins as Your St Bernard!

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Your Chihuahua Needs Just as Many Vitamins as Your St Bernard!

Dogs come in many different shapes and sizes. However, depending on the breed, Fido has a variety of nutritional requirements. For example, smaller breeds need to eat far less in a day than a bigger dog would to stay at a healthy weight. Some breeds have more energy while others prefer lethargy. You may wonder, especially if you are a first-time dog owner, whether vitamin requirements differ depending on the breed.

The answer, generally, is no. The reason for this relates to dogs and their abilities to produce certain vitamins within their own bodies. For example, dogs can produce adequate amounts of vitamin C. That means that most dog food brands for any breed will include only minor amounts of this vitamin in the ingredients. In the case where a dog cannot produce enough of a certain vitamin on their own, then dog food brands generally include more of this in their product.

Generally, if you feed your dog, regardless of breed, an adequate amount of dog food daily, then the animal should get the required amount of vitamins that it needs to grow and thrive. You should not overfeed your dog, as this could lead to weight gain. You should also not go overboard when it comes to offering your pet vitamins or supplements. An excess of vitamin D can damage muscles and bones, while too much vitamin C can actually damage a bigger dog's blood vessels.

If you believe that your particular breed of dog may need vitamins or supplements, ask your veterinarian. Together, the two of you can figure out the proper amount of vitamins to offer your dog to help and not hinder or harm its health.



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