Sources of Calcium

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I can't eat dairy products, so what else can I rely on for calcium in my diet?

Sources of Calcium

Most people know the most common source of calcium – dairy products. Cheese, eggs, milk, and all the many other dairy delights are great sources of calcium in the daily diet. However, many people choose not to eat dairy products, or cannot eat them because they are lactose intolerant. Not to worry, even dairy-free diets can benefit from other foods that will help increase their calcium intake.

Other sources of calcium include seaweeds like kelp, seeds and nuts, such as almonds and sesame seeds, blackstrap molasses, beans, oranges, collard and dandelion greens, okra, rutabaga, broccoli, kale, sardines, and products fortified with calcium, like orange juice and soy milk. One often overlooked resource for calcium is fresh, clean eggshells. You can grind them into a fine powder and mix into food or a glass of water for a jolt of calcium.



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