Vitamin B Benefits

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What are the some vitamin B benefits?

Vitamin B Benefits

The Vitamin B complex vitamins offer numerous benefits to our bodies. Studies indicate that B vitamins help support and increase the metabolism rate, which means they can help you burn more fat as part of a healthy lifestyle. They also help sustain healthy skin and muscle tone, and improve the function of the immune and nervous systems. They are thought to help cell growth and division — including red blood cell growth that help ward off anemia, and combined, they help battle the symptoms and causes of stress, depression, and heart disease. That's some pretty powerful benefits from one group of vitamins!

All of the B vitamins are water soluble, which means they are dissolved and carried in water throughout the body. You should take B vitamins every day, because any extra you may take or produce are not stored in the body, but excreted in urine every day.



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