ALA: Reduce Signs of Aging at the Cellular Level

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How can ALA postpone aging?

ALA: Reduce Signs of Aging at the Cellular Level

Alpha-lipoic acid, known as ALA is getting more attention these days as early evidence suggests that it may delay age-related diseases by slowing down cell decay over time. The body makes its own ALA to help cells produce energy. But if you have more ALA in your body that you need for cell function, that extra ALA turns into antioxidants. Antioxidants work against the unstable oxygen particles in the body that damage cells and contribute to the aging process.

Because it is fat and water-soluble, alpha lipoic acid can access all parts of the body's cells. ALA acts as a powerful anti-aging substance by combating the two major factors responsible for reducing healthy cells -- free radical damage and glycation. It also increases antioxidant protection by helping the body recycle Vitamins C and E, CoQ10 and glutathione.

Studies have suggested that alpha lipoic acid may eventually be used to treat physical and mental conditions associated with age including heart disease, stroke, Parkinson's disease and Alzheimer's disease. In addition, studies of adults with Type 2 diabetes showed ALA helped improve their diabetic neuropathy (a complication of diabetes in which the nerves that allow you to feel hot, cold, or pain are damaged). ALA is even being studied as a possible treatment for HIV and multiple sclerosis.

Although alpha lipoic acid may become a standard supplement in the future, it is too soon for doctors or scientists to make specific recommendations about which dosage might be beneficial for specific medical conditions. But, for example, a daily dose of a supplement such as Lindberg Alpha Lipoic Acid (available in 100 milligram and 300 milligram capsules) may promote good health by reducing cell damage. The recommended dose for diabetes or other disease conditions is typically around 800-900 mg. You can increase your ALA with food, but if you don't eat much red meat, a supplement is a more effective way to increase your ALA.



3/28/2008 3:01:22 PM
Anonymous said:

Anti-aging promoters fight obvious signs of aging and help keep you fit and looking younger. Some of the benefits of anti-aging promoters include high cellular rejuvenation, reduction of obvious signs of aging, and young-looking skin. Some users of anti-aging promoters experience fewer aches, less stiffness, increased sexual drive, and pleasing cosmetic changes.

1/16/2009 7:28:43 AM
Linda said:

I started taking and also giving my daughter ala. Her acne has improved tremendously. After reading this article I will continue taking it.


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