Antioxidants=Anti Grumpy?

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Besides taking antioxidants, how can I keep from aging grumpily?

Antioxidants=Anti Grumpy?

The stereotype of the sour-faced woman reaching fifty or the foolish guy in the middle of a mid-life crisis? Not you. Or you hope not. You've heard antioxidants can help you from becoming like Auntie Sore Joints or Uncle New Porsche. Vitamin A, C and E as well as alpha lipoic acid and L-carnitine will save you from sagging skin, but you have to smile and laugh in addition! Amino acids such as glutathione will help you flex your muscles instead of your credit card to impress women. Plus, the antioxidants will sharpen your brain so that you know how to listen--which women value more than that Porsche. Taking hyaluronic acid will help you bounce back, as will getting rid of an acid temper. You need to put the attitude in the antioxidants--but when you feel better, you have a better outlook. You'll even be cheerful enough to put up with your aunt and uncle at Thanksgiving.



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