Aging with Sea Kelp and Seaweed

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How will sea kelp and seaweed help me age more healthfully?

Aging with Sea Kelp and Seaweed

You're on a low sodium diet--welcome to the joys of aging. You're discovering the wonderful world of cooking with spices, and cooking healthily with RealAge or Dr. Perricone. But your blood actually needs the iodine in salt. What do you do? In addition to hyaluronic acid, antioxidants and other anti aging supplements and dietary changes, you now find yourself being initiated into the joys of sea kelp and seaweed. They're green and they look like vegetables, but you don't want to eat that nori nosh. Problem solved! You can take sea kelp and seaweed supplements that restore your iodine levels without you reaching for the salt shaker you threw in the trash. Take 100 mg a day and be "salty" in your advanced age. Not to mention spicy and sparkling.



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