Antioxidant Creams and Aging

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Will antioxidant creams help anti-aging?

Antioxidant Creams and Aging

Do use antioxidant creams. Don't use antioxidant creams -- they don't work. Take antioxidants and anti aging supplements instead of using topical anti-inflammatories for anti aging effectiveness. Arrgh! It's enough to make you cover up and stop doing aging prevention. Actually, Dr. Nicholas Perricone recommends both. You can use antioxidant vitamin C cream and take vitamin C with your blue-green algae, sea kelp and seaweed capsules. Many experts caution that anti-aging concoctions applied to the skin contain low amounts of antioxidants, and that vitamin C creams are difficult because vitamin C oxidizes quickly in the sun (which is why vitamin merchants usually package vitamin C in brown bottles to filter out the sun). When it comes to creams versus vitamins in the wealthy anti-aging industry, maybe it's best not to rely on one or the other. Take vitamin C and apply vitamin C cream. Also, hyaluronic acid production, which can slow down aging, seems to be linked to diet, so keep taking vitamins as well as hyaluronic acid supplements and slathering on hyaluronic acid cream. So don't cover up that figure that still looks good after two kids and the stress of running a household (we do have it, right?) Pack your swimsuit, creams and vitamins when you go on that long-deserved long-awaited trip to Hawaii.



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