Remember Your Vitamins

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How do I remember which vitamins are which?

Remember Your Vitamins

Remember to take your vitamins. But if you improve memory support, you don't need those pill organizers and reminders, right? Wrong. Everyone's brain gets so cluttered with to-do lists and random thoughts that they need guidelines. It doesn't mean you're losing your memory completely--remembering to be organized is a sign that your vitamins are working. But first you have to organize your vitamins. You might make notations like this:

  1. Folic Acid/Vitamin B--800 mcg--supports memory and the heart
  2. Ginkgo Biloba--60 mg--supports memory
  3. Neuro PS--100 mg--improves neurotransmitter functions
  4. Coenzyme-Q10--200 mg--prevents neurodegenerative diseases

Post this on your pill organizer and on your refrigerator. Write yourself a Post-it note to remember to post your list! You can improve memory through a combo of vitamins and mental exercises. Now you can remember to take your vitamins so you can remember to...what was that again?



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