Blue Light Special

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What does blue light have to do with lutein?

Blue Light Special

If you see blurry lights, it could be because of blue light. Blur light in indoor lighting and sunlight can age your eyes with oxidation and free radicals.

Fortunately, lutein is the blue-light special of eye health. Lutein filters out blue light wavelengths (remember your science classes and the lessons on optics). We have other true-blue ways you can help lutein do its job:

* Take bilberry, selenium and beta carotene to support eye health and boost the effects of lutein.
* Purchase sunglasses that block blue light waves in sunlight, otherwise known as UVA and UVB.
* Purchase halogen bulbs with no blue light glare.
* Use a Fellowes CRT-reducing screen shield for your computer--you can attach it to the desktop screen (it may not work well with flat panels) and eliminate damage from computer glare!
* Eat spinach and green veggies high in lutein. These are your eyes we're talking about.

Avoiding blue light with lutein will keep you from seeing red when you realize you should have done something about your eye health.



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