Bilberry for Vision

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What is a bilberry and why is it good for vision?

Bilberry for Vision

Bilberry sounds like the Hobbit. Actually, bilberry does come from merry old England--it's called the European blueberry, and like the blueberry, bilberry has flavonoids, a.k.a. antioxidants! You think that like blueberries, which are considered an antioxidant superfood, bilberry may give you the vision you need to find the One Ring to rule them all. Yes, there are women fantasy geeks and they all need good vision and eye health. Not as much as the guys that spend hours staring at computerized RPGs, but still...

Unlike beta carotene/vitamin A, which carries warnings about overly high dosages, bilberry doesn't have any warnings, except that it may not be effective for long-term eye health. Diabetic retinopathy does show some improvement, according to studies done on bilberry where the standard dosage is 120 to 240 mg of bilberry extract twice daily.

Huh? You mean the benefits of bilberry are as fake as orc feet? Bilberry may indeed be effective when combined with selenium, lutein, and beta carotene in an eye health formula. Other scientific research indicates that bilberry does preserve retinal health and that it should be taken three times daily as a liquid.

Like the question of which fantasy epic is better, the visual effects of bilberry is a source of debate. Frodo made a choice to cast the Ring into Mordor. You make your own decision about your eye health.



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