Immune System Support and Aging

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Can immune system vitamins and minerals prevent aging?

Immune System Support and Aging

Old age isn't so bad...when you consider the alternative. Right. In youth-oriented societies, the alternative is plastic surgery and, for men, finding trophy girlfriends. Relax. You can still date (Sherry Halperin humorously explores this in RESCUE ME, HE'S WEARING A MOOSE HAT AND FORTY OTHER DATES AFTER FIFTY) and exercise and eat right to look good. Some of our not-so-bad alternatives to putting on your mom's granny dress:

  • Cinnamon will spice up your immune system and keep your heart healthy.
  • Vitamin C and E--'nuff said.
  • Acidophilus, so varicose veins and the portrayal of older women on TV don't turn your stomach.
  • Luo Han Kuo from China, where they respect aging -- you're adventurous enough to try new things, right?
  • Beta-carotene so you can eliminate free radicals like the ex-hippie you dated last night.

Old age isn't so bad...when nutrition smarts come with it. Immune system vitamins will keep you glowing and growing!



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