Luo Han Kuo and the Immune System

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What is luo han kuo and how does it benefit my immune system?

Luo Han Kuo and the Immune System

Luo Han Kuo. You can't remember -- is that a Cantonese dish or a North Korean Dictator? When you're ill it's difficult to think. Maybe you need a shot of ginkgo biloba with you Luo Han Kuo, a supplement made from a sweet fruit found in China. The immune system cannot live by zinc, echinacea, Vitamin E and vitamin C alone. Luo Han Kuo helps your intestines stay healthy with increased bacteria. Ugh -- no one likes to think about bacteria, just like no one likes to think about dictators, but bacteria are a step up above tyrants. Bacteria, like acidophilus, can actually promote immune system health. It's important to remember that many herbal immune system supplements haven't been proven yet, so use caution when taking a new one. In the meantime, enjoy your moo goo gai pan, cook healthier, and get better!



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