No Heartache with Vitamin C and E

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Should I combine vitamin E with vitamin C for heart health?

No Heartache with Vitamin C and E

Your heart takes a beating through dating, but there's two guys you have to meet that can help you beat the stress: vitamin C and E. Studies show that a vitamin C and E combo is an effective heart health cocktail--and won't leave you lonely and depressed like the drink you had with your ex! C and E sotfgels with the addition of a herb such as rose hips will ache-proof your heart, like coenzyme-Q10 and a garlic supplement. Another way to keep your heart safe and happy: Check out of heartbreak hotel and don't let love stress affect you. Take your vitamins and read HE'S JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU or THE COWGIRL'S GUIDE TO LOVE. Saying "Yeehaw" once in a while will help too.



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