CoEnzyme-Q10 and Vitamin E

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Can I take a supplement with a combo of vitamin E and coenzyme q10?

CoEnzyme-Q10 and Vitamin E

Coenzyme-Q10. A few years ago, you'd never heard of it -- just like iPods, SARS, and bird flu. Only iPods will help your heart as much as coenzyme-Q10, because the shuffle will keep you moving. Now, though, you want to take plenty of vitamin E, which you've known about (vaguely) all your life. Can you combine it with coenzyme-Q10 for a double-whammy dose of heart health and immune power? LIFE EXTENSION magazine reported in 2004 that a combo of coenzyme-Q10 and vitamin E reduced inflammation. Inflammation leads to heart disease, diabetes and autoimmune disease as well as cancer. Co-enzyme Q-10 is highly absorbable, as are vitamin E softgels. So don't fret about SARS and bird flu. Just take your coenzyme-Q1O and vitamin E supplements with a side of garlic. Some heart health supplements even combine coenzyme-Q10 and vitamin E. Download music to your iPod and health to your heart.



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