Heart Health Remedies You Don't Know

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What are some uncoventional heart health remedies?

Heart Health Remedies You Don't Know

When we talk about "unconventional heart health medicine," your mind conjures up visions of a sweat lodge and crystals. Number one, don't try to be a "weekend Native American." It doesn't work, and Native Americans have rampant diabetes anyway. Number two, we're fond of crystals, but we suggest nutrition first for heart health. Some unconventional supplements we've discovered:

  • Artichoke capsules, for people who hate to eat artichokes (they're delicious, by the way)
  • Green tea extract
  • Arjuna, an Ayurvedic herb named after the Sanskrit hero of the BHAGAVAD-GITA--hey, he was one of five brothers who married a princess, and he fought an army!
  • Ginkgo biloba--it's not just for your mind!
  • Soy isoflavones (although research is divided on how effective it is)
  • Grapeseed extract--it's the same principle as red wine every day!
  • Ginger supplements--great for your stomach too.
  • White willow bark (okay, now we're getting into sweat lodge territory)
  • Cayenne or capsicum
  • Ginseng
  • Sea kelp
  • Gum guggul--that's another Indian herb, as in dots, not feathers

Fatty acids help your heart too. What? Aren't we always told that for heart health we should stay away from fat? Bring us the Vitamin E! Fat? It's heresy! We summon coenzyme-Q10! Saturated fats may be bad for your heart, but the omega 3 in fish oil (remember DHA and EPA) keep you swimming the Ganges River (swimming is also great for your ticker) to find gum guggul. Everywhere you look, supplements lead you to exotic heart remedies, but they're actually available in your own grocery store or online. And don't forget the garlic--there's a reason you don't see vampires taking vitamins. Plus, a garlic supplement is better for your breath. If you still want to use the crystals, be our guest.



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