What is Calcium Carbonate?

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What is calcium carbonate and how do I take it?

What is Calcium Carbonate?

You're a Ph.D. scientist and not absent-minded in the least, but you're so darn busy giving lectures and running experiments that you forget good nutrition! Being a scientist you distrust some of the claims about various minerals and herbs. But you can't be skeptical of good old calcium. Since you still remember your chemistry courses, you know that calcium carbonate is mainly a calcium salt used as a dietary supplement to prevent or reverse bone density loss. You particularly need this calcium supplement after pregnancy or breast-feeding--you finally settled down in your 40s, so now you have to concentrate on raising a bright child! You can take a higher dosage of calcium carbonate than calcium citrate, and not need as many pills--fortunate because you have to rush off to Oslo to accept the Nobel Prize! Your fellow scientific genius, Dr. Andrew Weil, cautions that calcium carbonate isn't as easily absorbed--he recommends calcium citrate above all other forms, including a new high-absorption calcium called calcium aspartate anhydrous. He says the claims of highest and most rapid absorption are without merit. Ah well, you always knew you were a maverick too. You take calcium carbonate, but hang on to your calcium citrate. Just remember to take calcium carbonate with vitamin D (Dr. Weil recommends 1,000 IU a day) after the banquet, and have a glass of orange juice in addition to the champagne. You're not only a brilliant woman, you're also wise...and healthy.



7/22/2006 10:00:02 AM
Donna said:

I just read from Dr. Weil from a question to him on calcium aspartate anhydrous and he stated in that article that there is no documented information that this is any good at all. I see you are sort of quoting him that it the best form of calcium. Did he change his mind or what?

10/22/2006 2:35:03 PM
Lis said:

Confusing and contradicting information. Quit trying to be witty and just stick to the facts.


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