More Estrogen, More Calcium

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If I have estrogen replacement, can I still have bone loss?

More Estrogen, More Calcium

You've had the hormone replacement therapy. You should feel terrific. But the doctor says your spine is still a nightmare, and you feel as depressed as you were in your angst-filled twenties. Why? Isn't estrogen therapy supposed to be the panacea? Yes and no.

Estrogen therapy doesn't mean you stop taking vitamin D and calcium carbonate. Also, if you smoke, you're undoing all the good hormone replacement therapy does. Smoking depletes vital vitamins and minerals, such as calcium and vitamin D. Overweight? An exercise program combined with a regular calcium supplement and weight loss program will reverse the damage. Exercise also helps vitamin D and calcium do bone density rebuilding, since strength training in particular makes bones tougher and more resilient. Just like you.

You have more wisdom than you did in your twenties--or should. Combine hormone replacement therapy with a calcium supplement. Then, share some of your sage advice with your twenty-year-old children and your elderly parents, who are going through their own pains. Buy them calcium and vitamin D too. When they're happy, that hormone replacement therapy will make you feel a lot better.



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