A Spoonful of Softgels Help the Calcium Go Down

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I find calcium hard to swallow, how can I get around this?

A Spoonful of Softgels Help the Calcium Go Down

You'd like to improve your health and your bone density, but the calcium supplement feels like a dinosaur bone going down. Considering that dinosaur bones in the LA Museum of Natural History still look great without calcium, you're ready to skip the calcium carbonate. Don't.

While doctors swear by chelated vitamins, soft gels and liquid calcium supplements are easier for many people to digest. After all, you don't have the powerful jaws and strong stomach of a T-rex...but you're still around 100 million years later. All because you take your vitamin D and calcium.

Just make sure that you have a calcium and magnesium supplement--magnesium makes calcium absorption easier. Now you can swallow, gulp and stomp around just like the dinos did in "Jurassic Park."



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