What supplements should I take while on a low carb diet?

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Should I supplement if low carbing, even if I hadn't used supplements before?

What supplements should I take while on a low carb diet?

Different types of diets have different sets of nutrient that are not being supplied with foods. Low carb diets are not nutritionally balanced, plus they have an additional problem caused by the state of ketosis. The matter is, to work properly, ketosis may require specific nutrients. Here's what a low carb dieter should consider: 1) Ketosis can generate free radicals; take antioxidant supplements; 2) Ketogenic diet can cause vitamin D deficiency; 3) Ketosis can promote a B-vitamin (especially for thiamine) deficiency; 4) Carnitin deficiency was shown to prevent the body from using ketone bodies for energy; 5) Chromium was shown to be a part of the so-called glucose tolerance factor thus cooperating with ketosis to improve insulin sensitivity



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