Multivitamins Post-Breast Cancer

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Can multivitamins help ost breast cancer patients?

Multivitamins Post-Breast Cancer

You survived breast cancer. Good for you! Now the long haul is over, right? Wrong. You need to take care of yourself more than ever, with a sensible diet and complete multi vitamins. While there has been some concern over large doses of vitamin E in a multi vitamin supplement, breast cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy need increased vitamin E to boost white blood cell production. The best multi vitamins for breast cancer patients and breast cancer survivors include more than the recommended 400 IU of vitamin E. Magnesium and manganese, two overlooked minerals, should also be key components of multivitamins you choose during chemo. So now on your self-care list, you note the following critical items:

  1. Foxy wig
  2. Bubble bath
  3. Multi vitamins with more vitamin E, magnesium and manganese
  4. Party because I survived!



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