Five Reasons that Pets Need Vitamins

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Five Reasons that Pets Need Vitamins

You love your pet, and it's very likely that your cat or dog has become a part of the family. You want your four-legged friend to live a long and healthy life, and you can achieve this by giving your pet vitamins. Just like with people, vitamins promote proper digestion and muscle growth and health. Unlike people, pets need vitamins to maintain a healthy fur coat. Here are five other reasons why your pet needs vitamins.

  • Weight loss – Vitamins like A and E can help Fido keep up his weight and even shed some excess pounds if he gets too heavy. Beyond that, those same vitamins can also help to prevent early signs of aging and promote healthy skin and eyes.

  • Bone and teeth strength – Your cat or dog uses their teeth plenty, whether they're eating, playing, or exploring. Broken bones can be a catastrophic occurrence for pets, and one that you can easily avoid by adding some phosphorus, vitamin D, and calcium into the pet's diet, such as through animal byproducts.

  • Blood flow – Iron, just like it does for people, helps promote healthy and normal blood flow for your kitty or puppy. Supplements with this mineral include meat, which many pet foods contain in small doses. Similarly, a meat byproduct will also do the trick.

  • Battling illness and disease – To keep your pup or cat healthy and happy over the long-term, they need to have a functioning immune system that can stave off disease and illness. Vitamin C does just that.

  • Animals can't produce all vitamins themselves – Both cats and dogs need vitamins A and B and cannot get these any other way than through food consumption. For example, these pets cannot produce niacin within their bodies, a source of vitamin B. Therefore, to reap the benefits of this vitamin, they must consume a supplement with it in there.



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