Weight Loss Benefits of Green Tea

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Can green tea help with weight loss?

Weight Loss Benefits of Green Tea

People have been drinking green tea for years because of its antioxidant benefits. In addition, a green tea supplement can also boost the body's metabolism. And when consuming green tea in supplement form, 500 mg is the equivalent to several cups of green tea, providing maximum weight loss and antioxidant protection.

When taking a green tea diet supplement, look for ones that contain at least 135 mg of epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) and take twice a day. This is the ingredient and dosage that experts believe is responsible for the majority of green tea's health and weight loss benefits. This ingredient provides phytonutrient compounds to the body, which promote enhanced health benefits.

Products such as Fitness Labs Green Tea Extract come in decaffeinated form, so you don't get all of the caffeine – just the weight loss and health benefits. These products are readily available at online supplement stores like NutritionExpress.com.



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