Brain Nutrients: Living Better Longer

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Can I live better longer through brain nutrients?

Brain Nutrients: Living Better Longer

Would you want to have a treadmill that worked great because you hadn't used it in ten years? Oops -- did we hit a nerve? Your mind and body are treadmills, machines, that need to be well-maintained with brain nutrients. Of course, your spirit and soul make you more than a combined machine. Your determination to make aging your friend, not your enemy, and to greet life with optimism is a big step -- and speaking of steps, get on that treadmill. But not before you get some anti aging supplements. Studies have shown that the life expectancy of people with Alzheimer's and dementia drops -- which may be a blessing, because most people don't want to live with diminished mental and physical function. Not if they can do something about it. You can do something about it. Hyaluronic acid can loosen your joints so that you attack that treadmill (active relaxation helps longevity), while taking chlorophyll in the form of sea kelp, seaweed, chlorella, alfalfa, wheatgrass, spirulina, and other "green" anti aging supplements help you to grow, like plants, healthy and strong. Cleansing your system with green anti aging supplements is like giving that treadmill a tune-up. Don't forget the omega 3, garlic and coenzyme-Q10, which unclog your heart. Blockage in the heart usually leads to the brain, and ages your body prematurely anyway. Now that you've taken all your anti aging supplements, get back on that treadmill -- no, wait a minute, make that a bicycle. Heck, why not attempt the Tour de France? You've got the body and mind for it, at 40, 50 and 60!



12/12/2008 5:29:25 AM
Islandgirl said:

I think this is a great tip! I already take Omega 3 oil ,a Multivitamin and Q10. It has inspired me to look into the greens that you mentioned. Thanks!


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