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Is there anything that can interfere with antioxidants?


Think of antioxidants as Superman: indestructible, able to make you feel as though you leap tall buildings, etc. So where's the kryptonite in these anti aging supplements? Actually, some people argue that Superman's weakness is Lois Lane, but that's another story. Sharp perspicacious news-hound that she is, Ms. Lane will tell you that aging is tough even if you're Superman, and that a reporter who hooks herself up with such a guy needs her hyaluronic acid (great skin for those press parties) and sea kelp or seaweed (salt deficiencies slow you down when battling supervillains.) Actually, there is no real source of kryptonite where antioxidants in supplement form are concerned. Of course, Superman doesn't smoke, which could cause him to huff, puff and wrinkle. Ms. Lane doesn't smoke either. She also remembers to replenish her vitamin C after lying on the beach during a well-deserved retreat from reporting the news and, in many cases, making it. She eats well and doesn't strive to be model-thin, because as Dr. Nicholas Perricone says, a certain amount of fat does keep you looking young and radiant. You'll be able to foil an international jewel thief when you're in your 60s if you stick with the Man of Steel, er, antioxidants.



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