Number One Youth Formula?

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What's the number one anti aging formula for mind and body?

Number One Youth Formula?

You've heard of an 80-year-old mind in a 15-year-old body, or just the reverse. You want both your body and mind to be vital and active. Is there a youth formula that can magically accomplish both? Sorry, but if you believe in a magic anti-aging pill, you might as well grab a pacifier even though you're thirty. Unfortunately, quacksters try to make you believe that there is one magic solution. You're smarter than that. Dr. Nicholas Perricone doesn't single out one anti-aging formula...neither do the other real experts. The best youth formula comprises many anti aging supplements, such as SAMe, antioxidants, sea kelp and seaweed, hyaluronic acid, ginkgo biloba, omega-3, and the ABCDE vitamin formulas. It's elementary...and you feel like a kid in elementary school, childlike, but wise and street-smart. Your body and your mind are exactly where they need to be.



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