Beta Carotene or Bust

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How much beta carotene should I take for my eyes?

Beta Carotene or Bust

You've chomped on carrots like Bugs Bunny, your kids say, and yet your eyes still blur. Not because of any serious concussion or sunburn but because your eyes are aging.

Beta carotene, which does indeed give carrots that fabulous orange color, protects your eyes from free radical damage. But should you decide to take it as a supplement, it is like vitamin A, and you can get too much vitamin A. Some beta advice, Doc:

* For maximum antioxidant value, take beta carotene as part of a supplement with vitamins C and E.
* Anti-aging and Eye Nutrients and supplements often combine beta carotene with lycopene and lutein as well as alpha carotene.
* The average daily dose of beta carotene is 50 mg--if you think you need more than that, consult a nutritionist.

Alternately, you can take low-potency beta carotene for eye health and just keep munching those carrots!



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