Girls Who Wear Glasses

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If I take lutein, do I need my glasses?

Girls Who Wear Glasses

Some guys love sexy specs, according to Dorothy Parker. But you don't like them, can't do Lasik and are allergic to contacts. What do you do?

Lutein vitamin formulas and eye exercises can help you improve your eyesight if you have minor vision problems. For myopia and presbyopia, you'll need your eye doctor's help. But even your eye doctor will tell you to take lutein for eye health, because after all, you're too young to have cataracts, right? If you take vitamin C and E as well as bilberry, selenium and beta carotene, you may not get cataracts. Your sexy specs are fun, but thick bifocals aren't.

Did you just say your glasses were fun? Occasionally they are. But your hubby may just have to find something else to focus on. Lutein can gradually reduce your need for eyeglasses or at least limit them to reading and driving. You're beautiful anyway, glasses or no glasses.



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