Cinnamon and the Immune System

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What can cinnamon do for the immune system?

Cinnamon and the Immune System

You bake with it. You love it in your latte. But too much cinnamon sugar and you worry you'll put on pounds. Why not try a cinnamon supplement instead? You know about the benefits of echinacea, vitamin E, vitamin C and zinc, especially when it comes to immune system health. But have you heard that cinnamon supplements can boost your immune system, not to mention your heart health? Cinnamon is supposed to support sugar and fat metabolism--you were worried about laying it on your latte at Starbucks! However, dumping out the spice rack in your coffee isn't always an option. Cinnamon can stimulate the immune system--a slow metabolism can lead to more problems than just having a latte a week. So indulge your cinnamon cravings--we suggest a cinnamon complex formula. And cinnamon buns. Are we on our way to a cinnamon cure?



11/13/2007 10:21:40 PM
Steven H. said:

I have an immune system with (I think) an overly strong inflammitory response. I tried cinnamon tea as suggested by research to help sugar matablolism. Wow, it really kicked up my inflammation. Sad but true.


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