Side Effects of Omega 3?

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What are some side effects of Omega 3?

Side Effects of Omega 3?

You remember the old joke, "If you think swimming is good for the figure, look at a duck." Or how about this one: "Have you ever seen cows drink milk? Maybe they know something."

Fish might know that fish oil and Omega 3 supplements have risks that don't outweigh the Omega 3 benefits. Omega 3 is rich in DHA and EPA that prevent diseases of the mind and body (fish is brain food).

Occasionally, Omega 3 can actually act as a blood thinner, especially if you're taking warfarin. Also, doctors don't recommend an Omega 3 fish oil supplement without vitamins C and E to prevent oxidative stress at high doses. So far, nothing you can't swim around, right?

Duck and dive: It's worth noting that Dr. Andrew Weil cautions about fish oil supplements that may contain toxins thanks to the manufacturing. Always be sure that the essential fatty acids you're buying come from a reputable dealer and not from your cousin Moonbeam's garage.

You can have a fantastic figure, feel better and think more clearly with Omega 3. But the fish, ducks and cows aren't quite so content.



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