Vitamin Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I lose bone density and what can be done?

I find calcium hard to swallow, how can I get around this?

What does vitamin D do for my calcium intake?

If I have estrogen replacement, can I still have bone loss?

What's the peak bone mass in women?

What is calcium carbonate and how do I take it?

Is coral calcium a scam?

What will glucosamine with MSM do for me?

What does hyaluronic acid do for me?

How can I help hyaluronic acid work for me?

Does glucosamine have anything to do with sugar?

How miuch glucosamine chondroitin should I be taking?

What's the recommended dosage of hyaluronic acid?

What are some side effects of joint health supplements?

What is the difference in Omega-3 and Omega-6 benefits?

Should I eat cooked fish or take fish oil?

If I'm a vegetarian, can I still get my intake of Omega 3?

What's the difference between fish oil and cod liver oil?

What are some side effects of Omega 3?

Can fish oil help with ADHD?

Is a supplement with Omega 3 and Omega 9 better for me?

What vitamins and minerals prevent heart disease?

What are some uncoventional heart health remedies?

How does garlic help heart health?

What's the correct dose of vitamin E for heart health?

Can I take a supplement with a combo of vitamin E and coenzyme q10?

Should I combine vitamin E with vitamin C for heart health?

What can cinnamon do for the immune system?

Does vitamin C really promote the immune system?

Can too much vitamin C overwhelm the immune system?

What does echinacea do for the immune system?

What is luo han kuo and how does it benefit my immune system?

Are vitamin C drops better for the immune system?

Can AIDS patients benefit from vitamin C?

Can immune system vitamins and minerals prevent aging?

If I take lutein, do I need my glasses?

What is a bilberry and why is it good for vision?

What does blue light have to do with lutein?

How much beta carotene should I take for my eyes?

Can I take vitamins for dry eyes?

Does lutein by itself keep my eyes healthy?

Can you prevent cataracts with vitamins?

What vitmains and minerals other than gingko biloba improve memory?

How does gingko biloba improve memory?

I'm a vegetarian, will I still need memory improvers?

Can I take gingko biloba with ginseng?

How do I remember which vitamins are which?

How much gingko biloba should I take?

Does Nicholas Perricone make vitamins?

Will antioxidant creams help anti-aging?

How will sea kelp and seaweed help me age more healthfully?

Besides taking antioxidants, how can I keep from aging grumpily?

What's the number one anti aging formula for mind and body?

Is there anything that can interfere with antioxidants?

Can I live better longer through brain nutrients?

How do I use silica besides getting implants?

How does alpha lipoic acid help me look my best?

Can aloe creams and aloe supplements help me look better?

How do I help alpha lipoic acid create beautiful skin?

Will Vitamin E help me look better?

Will zinc clear up my acne?

Can alpha lipoic acid help acne?

What can I take to help menopause?

How do I take betaine hydrochloride?

How does evening primrose help me with PMS?

How much folic acid should women take for beauty and health?

What's the controversy with soy products?

Will cranberry help my overall health?

How much calcium do women need?

I can't decide on all these vitamins, do I take a women's formula?

What is hoodia and is it just another weight loss fad?

How does CLA support lean muscle mass in weight loss?

How does green tea help in weight loss?

How does chromium picolinate help weight loss?

Are weight loss supplements safe and effective?

Should I take apple cider vinegar supplements?

How can I lose weight if I'm hypothyroid?

Is a multivitamin with chromium picolinate the best multivitamin?

Is there a multivitamin for teens?

If I eat green vegetables, do I still need a green food formula?

Can a multivitamin supplement be complete without iron?

What's the best multivitamin for men?

Does a complete multi vitamin need vitamin A?

Does the best multivitamin need lots of herbal supplements?

Can multivitamins help ost breast cancer patients?

Can I take acidophilus for prostate cancer?

How does DHEA help men be more vital?

Why do men need amino acid supplements?

What are some men's vitamin product warnings?

Is there a magic sex pill?

Do I need a supplement to help me with my golf swing?

Should I take a prostate supplement with fatty acids?

Can I boost my mood if I don't require antidepressants?

Why can't I get DL-phenylalanine from food?

Does sleep affect my mood?

How can I promote nervous system health naturally?

How does valerian root help the brain?

How can 5 HTP help anxiety?

SAMe is so expensive, what can I buy instead?

Is it true that if a vitamin does not dissolve in water within 15 minutes the body cannot derive any benefits?

Is it really necessary to vegetables or can I get the same benefits by taking a supplement?

Does pantothenic acid prevents muscle soreness such as when you play one game of volleyball at the beginning of summer and can't walk for two days?

Should I supplement if low carbing, even if I hadn't used supplements before?

How can ALA postpone aging?

What are some supplements that will help me look and feel younger?

How might DHEA delay aging?

How can carb and fat blockers help me lose weight?

Can CLA help me lose weight?

How do thermogenic diet formulas work?

Does green tea promote weight loss?

Can CoQ10 reduce my risk of heart disease?

Why do I need essential fatty acids?

Why is soy protein a good source of protein?

What are the benefits of whey protein?

What is whey protein concentrate?

What should I look for on a whey protein label?

What are some types of protein and energy bars?

How does flaxseed support the immune system?

Why are anti-oxidants important for health?

How does vitamin C support the immune system?

Why is vitamin A important?

What is glutamine and how can it help my athletic performance?

What are BCAAs and how can they help my athletic performance?

How does nitric oxide make me look more muscular?

What types of endurance workout formulas do I need?

What are some meal replacement powders to promote athletic performance?

Why is vitamin B important?

How do I choose a calcium supplement?

Can calcium help me lose weight?

Does ginkgo biloba improve memory?

What are some different types of multi-vitamin formulas?

What are the benefits of

What supplements will boost testosterone?

What is alpha-lipoic acid?

What are antioxidants, and are they present in most anti-aging supplements?

Don't we create DHEA in our bodies ourselves?

Why can't I just get the nutrients I need from a healthy diet?

What vitamins are considered anti-aging nutrients?

What are amino acids and BCAAs?

What are endurance workout formulas?

What are nitric oxide workout formulas?

Why should I take glutamine to enhance my bodybuilding routine?

What are meal replacement powders?

What is Vitamin B, and what are B-complex vitamins?

What are the some vitamin B benefits?

What is Vitamin B deficiency?

What foods contain vitamin B complex vitamins?

Where should I look for the best vitamin B supplement?

Why should I take a liquid supplement containing minerals and calcium?

Why is vitamin D essential to good health?

What are some other benefits of calcium supplements?

I can't eat dairy products, so what else can I rely on for calcium in my diet?

What causes vitamin D overdose?

How does vitamin A affect eye health?

What eye health vitamins can help combat macular degeneration?

What eye supplements are right for preventing cataracts?

What is lutein?

What is a good source of Omega 3 oil for good eye nutrition?

What are good hair and nails vitamins?

What is a good mineral to look for in hair growth vitamins?

What minerals can help with hair regrowth?

Why is iron good for hair?

What is MSM?

What is CoQ10?

What are essential fatty acids?

What are some good sources of essential fatty acids?

What is a good heart disease vitamin?

What is lycopene?

What are antioxidants?

Why should I take flaxseed oil?

What is scurvy?

What foods help boost the immune system?

Can antioxidants really prevent cancer?

Does ginkgo biloba help with many forms of memory loss?

What's one of the best memory enhancing vitamins?

What makes vitamins for memory loss work?

What are the best vitamins to improve memory?

What is folic acid, and is it one of the vitamins for memory?

What multi-vitamin and mineral formulas are right for you?

Can I get all the vitamins and minerals I need every day in multi-vitamin packets?

Aren't all daily multi vitamins alike?

Do I really need multi vitamins for men?

Do I really need multi vitamins for women?

What are the best prenatal vitamins?

Where can I find chewable prenatal vitamins?

Will fertility vitamins really help me conceive?

What should I avoid when I look for vitamins during pregnancy?

Should I take larger doses of pre natal vitamins?

What should I look for in protein and energy bars?

What is soy protein?

What is whey protein?

What is whey protein isolate?

What is testosterone support?

What should I look for when I buy vitamins for men?

Do I really need vitamins for men over 50?

What should I look for in daily vitamins for men?

What are the best vitamins for teens?

What are carb and fat blockers?

What is CLA?

Can green tea really help me lose weight?

What are thermogenic diet formulas?

What is a safe weight loss supplement?

What is Schizandra?

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