Multi Vitamins for Men

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Do I really need multi vitamins for men?

Multi Vitamins for Men

You don't wear the same clothes or eat the same foods as a woman, so why should you take the same vitamins? Men have different nutritional needs than women, and so multi vitamins for men were developed especially with the additional nutritional needs of men in mind. Multi vitamins for men should reflect the fact that you need more calories and nutrients than a woman or a child does, and so you shouldn't rely on the same vitamins they take, you should take the ones especially formulated for your body and mind.

You should look for multi vitamins for men that contain the right vitamins and minerals for your particular lifestyle. For example, there are multi vitamin for men formulas for men with a more sedentary lifestyle, men with a more active lifestyle, and men over 50. Each of these lifestyles requires different vitamins and minerals, so choose the one that's right for your lifestyle and age.



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