Multivitamins: The Most Bang for Your Buck

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What are some different types of multi-vitamin formulas?

Multivitamins: The Most Bang for Your Buck

If you don't want to pay for many pills but still be sure that you're getting all your nutrients, consider one of the many multi-vitamin and mineral formulas available. For example, Lindberg's Mega One Multiple vitamin, provides not only time-release doses of vitamins B and C but high potencies of other vitamins and minerals such as natural vitamin E.

Other multivitamin and mineral formulas are more comprehensive and may require you to take 2-9 pills a day. Generally, the more pills, the higher the potencies and the more calcium they provide.

If you have specific medical needs, the right multi-vitamin and mineral formulas may help promote and maintain good health. For example, if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, a pre/post-natal multi-vitamin contains plenty of folic acid, calcium, and the B vitamins needed to keep both mother and baby healthy during and after pregnancy.

Similarly, you can find multi-vitamins meant just for men that include saw palmetto and lycopene to promote prostate health, in addition to the basic vitamins and minerals essential for overall wellness. Specialty multi-vitamin and mineral formulas are available for women, children, and seniors, too. Don't like to swallow a pill? Try this: Multivitamin and mineral formulas even come in liquid, powder, and chewable forms.



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