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Can I boost my mood if I don't require antidepressants?


Feeling blue? Anxious? Upset? That's just from your mom's advice that you shouldn't take antidepressants, even though you're going through a major job change or move. Your mom's concern is noted, but we don't think there's anything wrong with antidepressants if you need them--there are severe chemical imbalances, and if your blues persist, you may need to see a psycho-pharmacologist. However, sometimes you just need natural mood enhancers--especially since antidepressants can interfere with the St. John's Wort or valerian root tea supplements you got from your local health food store. Natural mood enhancers such as 5 HTP, DL-phenylalanine (an amino acid), and herbs need to be taken with some guidelines. We're not turning Tom Cruise here and attacking depression, even temporary depression. So if your mom continues to hammer at you, call her Tom--she never liked him anyway and she thinks Katie Holmes is way too young for him. Dealing with stressors is a terrific natural mood support.



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