Best Herbal Multivitamin

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Does the best multivitamin need lots of herbal supplements?

Best Herbal Multivitamin

Herbs -- great for cooking, great for health. White willow. Ginseng. Ginkgo biloba. Feverfew. Hawthorn. Valerian root. Good for multi vitamins? You're an herbalist and you've been trying to get your relatives to accept you, without success. Raw herbs are great, you say. Your relatives don't look at you as though you ride a broomstick, but they're less than convinced of herbal healing -- until they taste your fantastic chicken dish. You know, you say, if you don't like raw herbs, you can take them in multivitamins. Actually, Mr. or Ms. Herbal Honcho, the best multi vitamins don't contain high concentrations of ginseng and willow bark. You typically take herbs for specific purposes (black cohosh for menopause, ginkgo biloba for memory.) In addition. Dr. Andrew Weil cautions that some herbs interact with medicine you may be taking may interfere with herbs -- ginkgo, feverfew, and garlic may increase the risk of bleeding if you're taking Coumadin, for example. While Dr. Weil takes complete multi vitamins every day, he gives the straight dope (pardon the expression) on herbs and multi vitamins. None of his multi vitamin supplement recommendations, or the supplements that he manufactures, contain excess herbs. You trust Dr. Weil -- so, surprisingly, do your relatives. They also love your herb-encrusted chicken. Keep cooking and you'll help your relatives stay healthy no matter what their multi vitamins contain.



10/27/2006 6:22:03 PM
Marie said:

I LOVE this site! Its informative (very) and the writing and design is very engaging! You just gave me ideas to incorporate herbs while cooking as my mate hates vegetables and its a challenge cooking healthy dishes at times.

I am opening a menopause site and would love to link to this site to educate my customers.



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