A-OK Multi Vitamin

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Does a complete multi vitamin need vitamin A?

A-OK Multi Vitamin

It's aggravating how too much of a good thing, to mangle Mae West, can be harmful. Yes, too many vitamins now are harmful. Of course, you could just forget the health food and say "Come up and see me some time." Unfortunately, you still need a multi vitamin supplement--juggling men is hard enough without dithering about which vitamins and how much and how often! So you've chosen complete multivitamins. Just don't sing, "A, you're adorable," because while the best multi vitamins do include vitamin A, you don't need a surfeit of it. In fact, too much of Mr. A-OK can be far from wonderful. When you pick complete multivitamins, choose ones with beta carotene. It's a less risky form of vitamin A, and that way you'll have great vision so you can see the men who come up and see you!



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