Vegetarian? You Still Need Memory Improvers

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I'm a vegetarian, will I still need memory improvers?

Vegetarian? You Still Need Memory Improvers

You think to yourself that being a vegetarian makes you a more enlightened being. It probably does. And you have a better memory too, right? After all, chickens and cows may feel pain, but they don't remember from day to day, do they? Unfortunately, despite all the kale and spinach (good for you with lutein), tempeh and Basmati rice, you're still forgetting where your best friend is having her one-woman "performance art" show. She's forgetting her lines too! Here's some very veggie advice:

  • While the hormones in beef and in non-organic food may be harmful, you get a deficiency of vitamin B-12 when you don't eat meat. Vegetarians need the recommended vitamin B-12 dosage in B-Complex, or supplements or vitamin B-12 lozenges.
  • If you consume soy, you may still need neuro PS, a nutrient you can take in capsule form. While the effects of soy are a source of debate, the soy phospholipids in neuro PS protect your grey matter and reduce the risk of cognitive dysfunction. After all, foggy thinking is what you try to avoid by going green, right?
  • Coenzyme-Q10 is the wonder supplement. It can turbocharge your brain by speeding up the metabolism in your brain cells and shock-proof your mitochondria so that you still have strong dopamine levels. So even though you're calm in your yoga class and your mind is quiet, your brain is still lively. Or perhaps your mind is quiet because your brain is lively and you can concentrate.
  • Ginkgo biloba and ginseng lubricate and energize your brain cells too. But you knew that, right? Forgot? Take more vitamin B-12. We mentioned shock-proofing. Your friend likes to shock with her post-feminist meditation, and you want all your cognitive powers so you can dissect it over a meal of tabbouleh and hummus--just bring the vitamin B-12 to the meal when your friend forgets her lines and goes into a rendition of "Oh What a Beautiful Morning."



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