Anti-Inflammatory Vitamins

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What vitmains and minerals other than gingko biloba improve memory?

Anti-Inflammatory Vitamins

You're angry and hot under the collar because your boss just accused you of misplacing the Dobson report. Don't get inflamed. Temper will only worsen the plaque deposits that build up and block neural function. Those same plaque roadblocks have a mysterious way of speeding up Alzheimer's and dementia, as well as general absentmindedness. The solution? Add more spice.

While vitamin B, ginkgo biloba, neuro ps and coenzyme Q-10 can all improve memory, anti-inflammatory drugs or NSAIDs such as ibuprofen can melt plaque. But if you can't take ibuprofen (even though an aspirin and a martini sound appealing right now), do what Asian cultures have been doing for centuries. Eat ginger and take turmeric capsules.

These hot stimulating spices keep the blood flowing and the nerves you don't get fired. You can also keep cool under pressure with a clearer memory...which helps, because your boss is Donald Trump and you're on "The Apprentice." Turmeric, you're hired!



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